10 Benefits of Vaping over Smoking – switch to a healthier alternative!

Most people are not aware of significant differences between vapor and smoke. First you need to understand the difference between vaporization (vaping with an electric cigarette) and combustion (smoking a real cigarette).

Vaporization is the transition of an element (liquid) or compound (solid) into a gas (vapor). For example when boiling water it evaporates and creates steam, evaporation is one type of vaporization. With e-cigarettes, a vapor is formed when the atomizer (a device which converts a stream of liquid into a fine spray) heats the liquidΒ (e-juice or e-liquid)Β  in a an e-cigarette cartridge or tank converting it into a mist. The mist resembles a puff of smoke, but it is simply water vapor.

Combustion is the act of burning that involves a chemical reaction between one or more substances and oxygen. With cigarette smoking, tobacco is burned, creating smoke and other harmful products of combustion. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that are harmful to both smokers and nonsmokers.

Now that we have looked at the significant differences between vaping and smoking here are 10 reasons why or benefits of switching to a safer and cleaner alternative to smoking!

E-cigarettes …

  • Produce vapor – there is no smoke, ash , or other harmful chemicals.
  • Nearly odorless – does not create a smelly, lingering smoke odor in your house, car, or on your clothes.
  • No second-hand smoke -does not harm those around you.
  • Saves money – the yearly cost of vaping is significantly less than cigarettes – do the math!
  • Battery powered – no need for fire or burning of any kind.
  • Can vape indoors – no more standing in the freezing cold or rain to smoke.
  • Doesn’t kill your taste buds – you can actual taste food!
  • No more nagging – your friends and family will stop nagging you about quitting smoking πŸ™‚
  • Health benefits – 99.9% safer than cigarettes, no harmful chemicals.

In the end the choice is yours. As for me, I’ve never felt better!

*These are my own personal opinions. I am not an expert in the area of e-cigarette manufacturing or health. I do not work for or sell e-cigarette products of any kind. This is not an affiliate or paid for post.

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