There are many terms used in the world of Vaping or E-Cigarettes and it can be difficult to understand at first when you are new, I know it was for me, so I compiled a list of the the most common terms used.

This is a living dictionary and will continue to grow, if you have terms you would like to add please let me know!

Analog – Regular cigarette
Anti’s – Anti-smoking people against vaping
Atomizer also referred to as Atty
The atomizer is the heating element responsible for vaporizing the liquid, and generally consists of a simple filament and wicking metal mesh to draw the liquid in.
Bat – Battery
Cartridge also referred to as Cart
The cartridge is a small, usually disposable plastic container, with openings on each end. One end is placed in the user’s mouth, while the other attaches to the atomizer (heating element).
Cartomizer – An atomizer built into the cartridge
To deal with atomizer degradation and the associated expense, manufacturers introduced an integrated cartridge/atomizer component that is more cheaply produced, known as a cartomizer. When their heating elements degrade, they can be disposed of and replaced more cheaply than standalone atomizers.
Cutoff – How long the battery will activate the atomizer before shutting down
Dripping – Adding a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer to vape
Dipping – Sticking the bridge of the atomizer in e-liquid to vape
DIY – Do it yourself (homemade e-liquid mixture)
E-cig or E-cigarette – Electronic cigarette
E-juice also referred to as e-liquid and juice – The liquid that you fill cartridges or tanks with. Comes in many flavours with or without nicotine.
Filler – The fiber inside the cartridge that holds the e-liquid
Mod short for modification – Homemade device
PCC – Personal charging case
PG – Propylene glycol-based e-liquid read more here.
Pull – Sucking on the mouthpiece to pull the vapor into your mouth
PV – Personal vaporizer
PT – Passthrough battery
A Passthrough E-Cig mod is a cord connecting the electronic cigarette to an external power source such as a computer, portable power unit or a videogame console providing a continuous power source.
TH – Throat hit (tingling sensation in the back of your throat)
Topping off – Adding drops of e-liquid to your current cartridge
Vaping also referred to as vape
Because e-cigarette produce vapor not smoke like an analogue the act of using an e-cig is known as Vaping.
Vapor – the β€œsmoke” emitted from an e-cigarette
VG – Vegetable glycerin-based e-liquid read more here.

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