Monday Vapes – Labour Day Sales!

Ok vapers - here's the Labour Day Sales round up! Unfortunately I could fins many, most vendors seam to be closed for the holidays - I don't blame them πŸ™‚ If I missed anything just reply in the comments with the link to the sale - happy vaping! Canada Maple Leaf Vapes - 20% off … Continue reading Monday Vapes – Labour Day Sales!

Canada Day Weekend Vape SALES!

Happy Canada Day! I don't know about you? This Canada Day I plan to get my vape on in the sun and enjoy all great festivities Montreal has to offer this weekend including the Montreal Jazz Festival which kicked off last night and goes 'till July 7th. Another great way to celebrate this weekend - … Continue reading Canada Day Weekend Vape SALES!

Canadian Vendors – the Big List redux

When I first started Big Vapers not only was my goal to help educate rookies from the point of view of a rookie vaper (not so much a rookie anymore ;)), and inform smokers that there is a safe, easy, and powerful tool to help them quit smoking - I also wanted to support the … Continue reading Canadian Vendors – the Big List redux