Colorado e-Cigarette Explosion Lawsuit

According to the Courthouse News Service, a main filed a lawsuit in a Colorado court against Puresmoker.  The suit claims the company’s Prodigy v. 3.1 e-cigarette device exploded spewing acid on the plaintiff.  Now, here’s what is probably the most relevant part to the community ... Read the full article on Steve K's Vaping World

Smoking in the Boys Room! Not Anymore!

Smoking in the boys room, not anymore!I remember the days of having to hide in closet or bathroom just to grab a smoke, freezing my butt outside in the winter, holding a soggy smoke in the rain, and of course all the evil looks when walking down the street - no more! One of the … Continue reading Smoking in the Boys Room! Not Anymore!

Smoke Free and Loving It!

Smoke Free and Loving It! - That’s right, I have not had a cigarette in 3 weeks! For those of you who know me also know that amongst my other bad habits like drinking coffee all day long I have been a pack a day smoker for years and started smoking at the age … Continue reading Smoke Free and Loving It!