Vape Mini Review of the Week – Stinky Canuck

A New Canadian Vendor! If you don't already know - I'm Canadian! I'm always on the look out for new Canadian vendors to showcase so when Stink Canuck contacted me via twitter and asked if I would review some of the juice I jumped on the opportunity. They're a brand new vendor from Ontario and [...]

Monday Vapes – Vapestock Canada, or Something Like It!

I originally posted about this in the forums - now that there is momentum and people are talking it's time I kicked off the first post here. This is not an official announcement - there is still some work to be done in trying to get this up and running. To be fair to all the forums I posted [...]

No More Wild West – the ECTA (The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada) Has Been Formed!

Canada's Electronic Cigarette Industry – like so many others around the world – has operated under a "Wild West" principle for far too long. The associations has been formed by a group of electronic cigarette vendors with the intent to monitor existing Canadian Laws that govern the trade of electronic cigarettes in Canada. The founding [...]


"Electronic Cigarettes are Dangerous"  - according to who? BIG TOBACCO and the government who loose money because of it? We can't prove the long term effect that e-cigs have on the body yet, but what we do know is that they are 99.9% safer than "real" cigarettes that contain 4000+ harmful chemicals. Did you know [...]

Canadian Suppliers – the big list!

As a Canadian it's difficult to get good e-juice, in fact you can't legally buy it in stores or malls. The only e-cig accessories sold legally are disposables and nicotine free cart systems. If your Canadian and you want to vape you need to purchase online. As we all know that is pretty much the [...]