Keep Your Batteries and Juices Cool This Summer – Weekend Tip

I know this may sound obvious, but sometimes we tend to forget to do the simple things to maintain our vape gear - stroring batteries and juices in cool places is one them. Batteries specifically like to be stored in cool places. This will help with prolonging there life span and prevent the potential of your battery [...]

How Often Should I Charge My PV’s Battery to Prolong Its Lifespan? – Weekend Tip

There's more to just chagrin a battery when it is depleted - they require some maintenance in order for them to continue to function correctly and prolong their lifespan. Lithium-ion batteries are different from older, nickel-based batteries - charging them incorrectly can decrease their lifespan. Most lithium batteries should last you a few years, but improper care can decrease that [...]

Vape Mini Review of the Week – Laser Etched eGo-K Battery in 8 Styles from SmokTek

No more solid color or stainless steal eGo batteries - these bad boys have had a makeover! SmokTek now offers eGo -k, k as in KING size batteries (1100mAh), in 8 different laser engraved styles! The battery itself is a a standard eGo battery: manual with blue LED button,  5 click On/Off feature, 10 second cutoff - [...]