Fell off the wagon – But I’m back, again!

Knock, knock … is anyone there?

It’s been close to 4 years since I have posted here.  I think it’s time to tell my story, why I disappeared, and more importantly how I ended up falling off the wagon and became a smoker again.

My story is simple.

I was a long time heavy smoker. And about 7yrs ago came across “ecigs”. I had tried just about everything and was never able to quit until I bought my first vape from China. I was hooked instantly. Very quickly started realizing how important is was to spread the word. At the time vaping was still very underground in Quebec. I was one of the first few members of the Montreal community. I started this blog and doing YouTube reviews, etc. At one point I was one of the biggest vape bloggers in Canada … ancient history now.

But, as my family and my business grew it became more difficult to find time to blog and produce videos.

Fast forward about 6yrs I had slowly weened my self down to 0nic and eventually stopped vaping. At first it was life as usually. I was not missing vaping and had no craving for cigarettes. I was filled with the hope that I had finally beat this habit once for and for all.

A few months later I ended up in California for a business trip. One night I was out drinking and having a good time. And, those of you in Cali know this, I was surprised to see that you could still smoke in bars and clubs. I had not seen anything like this in years. In Canada it has been outlawed for quite some time.

Wether it was the drink or just to much self confidence I bummed a smoke from a cute girl at the bar, and well, you know the rest. I ended up buying a pack of smokes that night. I continued to smoke throughout the week I was there, constantly telling myself “I’m vacation” no big deal.  But, I was hooked!

A few months later I was smoking again … it was a rough time … felt like a total failure …

After about 8mths of smoking I pushed hard to vape again and here I am.

I don’t know what the future holds but I know this, I vape or I smoke. There are no other options for me. Everyday is a struggle but I’m getting there. As I write this I am now 4 weeks in, no cigarettes and back to dripping an building coils. I feel pretty good about it.

IMG_7606As part of my “rehab” I’ve decided to start blogging here again. Makes no difference to me if anyone is reading it, It’s just something I need to do. I don’t think I’m gonna get back into video reviews, there’s plenty of good folks out there today dropping vape knowledge.

My goal is to focus more on the day and the life of vaper. How we overcome struggle, deal with the public and government on vaping issues, and all around vape goodness.

I also started this instagram for fun https://www.instagram.com/vapingwoodsman/ feel free to follow my outdoor vaping adventures.

*Side note – there’s quite a bit old content here, feel free to check it out, but it;s pretty dated. I will be updating some content over the next few weeks. 

And if you’re in Montreal, ping me about my private vaping FB group.

– Veni, vidi, vape …

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