Monday Vapes – AcryliMax Acrylic Variable Volt APV from MadVapes

This is a MadVapes EXCLUSIVE APV made in the USA!

This is pretty cool – I came across this MOD in a GrimmGreen video from VapeCon 2012. It’s essentially the Zmax with an acrylic body manufactured by the good people at MadVapes.

The AcryliMax can read your output voltage, battery voltage and cartomizer / atomizer resistance.  This APV has all the functionality of the Zmax with a beautifully custom crafted acrylic body that comes in a handful of colors.

I really need to grab one these!

What is a Zmax – for those who don’t already know

The Zmax is an improved VV (Variable Voltage) and VW (Variable Wattage) mod based on the Vmax, it preserves all the functions that the Vmax has but with new improved features;

1. It is styled with Ego/510 threads, so you can use an Ego atomizer/cartomizer on it without adding an extra adapter

2. Blue LED display for better viewing

3. Adjustable voltage and Adjustable power(watts)

4. The Voltage is adjustable from 3v to 6v

5. The power can be adjusted from 3 watts to 15 watts

6. Intelligent PCB, it reads the resistance of the atomizer and gives the proper power flow and voltage automatically

7. It can use either 1 18650 or 2 18350 batteries

8. Safety design with vent holes on the bottom for safety

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