Pairing eJuice with Food and Beverages – Weekend Tip

Vaping, unlike smoking, doesn’t always match well with food and drink. Like wine, eJuice comes in many different flavours and not all flavours vape well all day long depending on the food and drinks you consume.

There are some who say this is nonsense and you can vape whatever flavour you like with your beer and hot wings – I am not one of them! Hot wings do not go well with a fruity or sweet vape. Imagine pouring banana and strawberry sauce or belgian cocoa and peanut butter all over your hot wings then toping it off by downing an IPA? That does not appeal to me, or most people, however there are always exceptions 🙂

I know this may sound like a silly topic for a vape blog, maybe even pretentious, but I have had some bad vaping experiences post meal or at the bar.

Over the past month or so I’ve made a conscious effort to think about what juice I’m vaping depending on my meal and time of day. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s really not. Just take a few seconds to think about about whether or not you really want to fill your tank up with french vanilla if your going to sit down and watch the game while snacking on BBQ chips – you may want to choose another juice!

There is an entire science dedicated to food paring based on the chemistry of flavours and since we vape many different flavours there is a lot to be learned from this science that can make your vaping a much better experience.

I came across this interactive food paring tree from – it definitely comes in handy for more than just vaping!

Understanding the science behind food paring can also lend to creating some wicked DIY flavour combos you may have never thought of before!

How I pair my juice to food and drink

Here are a few tips or personal preferences I’ve vape by:

  • I like to vape mellow fruity or sweet flavours in the morning with my coffee or after breakfast.
  • I like cocktail flavours – Fuzzy Navel, Golden Apple or any citrus or tangy flavour – during the day with most red and white meats.
  • I prefer sweet juices – anything chocolate based or hints of hazelnuts, etc – in the evenings with dessert or coffee.
  • I never vape while I eat, it tends to throw off the taste the food or vice versa – plus it’s kinda weird and rude – I never smoked while ate either.
  • Tobacco flavours – unless on the obscure side – tend to go with anything including beer, wine, or any beverage.
  • Beer – very different than most drinks – I find Pilsners, Pale Ales and Lagers pretty much go with anything, but dark beers and double and tripple ferments are trickier and I tend to stick to mellow flavours and run of the mill tobaccos. I could write an entire post just on pairing beer with eJuice – maybe I should?
  • Wine – not much of a wine drinker but I would imagine that like beer whites would be closer to Pilsners, Pale Ales and Lagers and red dark, etc. I would be interested to know what wine drinkers vape?
  • Coffee – pretty much anything goes but I find the best paring are mellow fruits and sweet vapes.
  • Juice or pop – I tend to match flavours here for consistency.

Who would’ve thought you could put so much time and effort into pairing vaping with food and drink? I know I’m not alone here I’ve heard others discuss this before and I have had many discussions on this topic with some of my vape buddies.

That being said, breaking the “rules” can be fun as well – there is absolutely no reason to follow any of my advice and think about pairing – however, I guarantee if you try, even for a short while, you will notice that you enjoy vaping even more!

So the next time you’re reaching for pickled eggs at the bar think about what flavour is in your tank and whether or not it’s going to make you rethink your decision.

Keep on vaping!

6 thoughts on “Pairing eJuice with Food and Beverages – Weekend Tip

  1. I’ll be tasting some pink spot stuff after this weekend. A friend had an order delivered today, and I had him add in a 4 pack sampler of pink spot stuff from Vapor Solutions. Think the 4 were Pink Spot, Swagger, Jamaican something, and a champagne one.

    Tried the Midnight Apple, love it!

  2. Great post, I for one definitely take my vape flavours into consideration for after meal time, and various drinks, whether it be coffee in the morning, soda or others in the afternoon and early evening, or alcoholic drinks at night.

    Still experimenting somewhat, trying to find the best combos. Would love to see a more detailed post on a meal time by meal time basis, almost the start point of a master list of good vape to food combos.

    So far my absolute favourite has to be Juicy Clear’s Rocky Road with my morning coffee. I also find that Creme de Menthe from Juicy Clear works with just about everything, but I find it quite enjoyable after a good meal.

    1. I have yet to try juice clear – I keep hearing good and bad things about it – but being a juice reviewer I know it’s so personal you just got to try it 🙂

      A meal time breakdown would be cool.

      1. My experience with Juicy Clear so far has been very good, only 1 juice that I haven’t been a big fan of (Strawberry Fields), but maybe it’s just not my style. A friend likes it.

        I’d recommend trying the Creme de Menthe, Rocky Road, Creamsicle and Pina Collada. Vapor Solutions has 10 mil bottles, so great for samplers.

        Jabba’s Hookah is still my favourite vape, goes well with any food or drink I’m having!

      2. I will definitely give it a try. Recently my addictions are Halo: Midnight Apple, Shamrock, and Malibu. Pink Spot Vapors: Fuzzy Naval, Frozen Lime Drip Swagger.

        Try Swagger it’s what Jabbah’s Hookah is based on. We carry it at

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