Vape Mini Review of the Week – KR380 Carto Tank from NictFitNation

Ok, so these bad boys are not new, but I recently received as a gift from NicFitNation. I’ve seen these around for a while, but like a lot people recently I have switched to clearos, more specifically the Stardust or ViVi – the flavour is just so pure!

I’ll admit, most cartos just don’t do it for me anymore – I do however really like kangers, but they’re an exception. So when I received the KR308 I was thankful for the gift but was convinced that it wouldn’t vape well for me – boy I was wrong!

Now, I’m not saying this is the most amazing carto I’ve ever had and it does not compare to the vivi, but it vapes really well: great flavour, lot’s of vaper, easy to fill.

The specs:

  • Name on box: GS VV MOD Clear Cartomizer
  • 2.9 – 3 ohms
  • 4ml
  • It came with a blunt tip syringe for filling
  • It came with instructions on how to fill

… pretty straight forward.

My thoughts:

  • It’s really better if you fill it to about 3 -3.5 ml.
  • The blunt tip syringe is absolutely necessary to fill – when you pop the tip there are 2 small holes to inject juice into. Con – the holes are not pierced initially, you need gently  force the needle – not as easy as you think and may risk damage to tank if you push a bit to hard like I did (I did not dameg my tank though, just scratched the inside a bit).
  • On my LT 1.5 the ohms never register more than 2.8.
  • It vapes really well at high voltages, 4.5 – 5.0 is where I’ve tested it, and for a carto I have not had any burnt taste unless the juice was less than 1ml.
  • Because the wholes for juice injection are always open after the first time you pierce it, if you leave it laying down juice can spill out or if you pull to hard you get juice in your mouth – of course this happens less often when the juice is running low.
  • It takes a few days to work in before it really starts producing.

So, if your looking for a bigger tank without having to pinch cartos or replace them and you don’s mind the taste of a cart – and for me like many others it definitely has distinct taste over atties and claros – then this is a solid option.

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