Monday Vapes – BigVapers Store!

The BigVapers Store Launch! 

A little history

Big Vapers started out as a blog about the vaping experince from the point of a view of a rookie – experinces, learnings, exploration, etc. The Big Vapers comminity has grew very quickly and a YouTube channel was started – focused mostly on eJuice reviews. The eJuice reviews became very popular and as my love grew for the vaping community and eJuice specifically it became clear that both Big Vapers and the community wanted/needed more.

After many eJuice reviews and spending good majority of my time spreading the good word of vaping at work, with family, at events, meetups, and on the street the question I kept getting – like most vapers – was “What is that?” So, I decied it was time to give the vendor thning a try – why not?

I love vaping and I love eJuice and I want to be able to offer people the same great experience I get each and everytime I vape!

For this venture I’ve teamed up with a good friend and my wife and it is our goal to offer vapers the highest quality eJuice possible for their vaping pleasure. Currently we are exclusively carrying PinkSpotVapors eJuice, however, we are working with a some local eJuice makers so that we can also provide locally made gourmet Quebec eJuice. We also have plans to to expand our options and eventually offer other brand name eJuices that we love.

We’re alos looking into designing and tooling our own MOD’s and accessories – I will you posted!

The future of the BigVapers blog

I have no intentions of changing anything on the blog – I will continue produce the same content as always with the same goals – don’t worry I will not be posting about business and trying to get you guys to buy stuff 🙂 but,  I may offer up some news here and there about the store. I will also continue to review eJuice and gear from other vendors – just because I am a vendor myself now does not mean I do not respect or enjoy other vendors products!

I look forward to hearing you feedback, suggestions, etc.

As always – keep on vaping!

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