Monday Vapes – Coffee and a Vape: a New Online Community for Vapers

Recently I discovered this new Vaping community – Coffee and a Vape – it’s still very new but has a ton of potential!

Currently there are just over 200 members and 18 pages – not bad for a few weeks! It’s a pretty cool concept  designed like any standard social network given users the ability to create profiles, post articles, links, videos, pics, etc. chat online, and create fan pages – above is a screenshot of the Big Vapers page – you should join 🙂

I know the designers/developers are still working on the designa and functionality and they have big plans. What’s really great about Coffee and Vape is that it gives vapers a real online community outside of Facebook where we can be free to discuss whatever we want with like minded individuals – it’s not a forum – vaping forums are still great places for knowledge and discovery – this is a community!

Other areas include event listings, a marketplace, and DIY recipes.

If you’re not already a member give it a whirl and let the founders know what you think.

Keep on vaping!



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