Vape Mini Review of the Week – Variable Voltage Adapter

This week I have a short but sweet mini review on a new little toy that came with my Power Baby MOD – a Variable Voltage adapter!

If you watched my video on the Power Baby then you know that it is not  a “true” VV MOD, it comes with a really cool Variable Voltage adapter that is eGo threaded.

The adapter looks and feels like any other 510 to eGo adapter except it has an eGo style light up button on it. This button has 3 settings denoted by the colour of the light: Blue = 3.3v, Pink = 4.0, and Red = 4.8v.

The adapter was designed to add VV capabilities to 5v MODS – and it works really well. It also has PWM (Puls Width Modulation) built in.

How it works:

  • Screw the adapter on to any 5v MOD
  • Press the power button and the adapter light will come on
  • Press the light button on the adapter to change settings (colour)
  • Voila!

I don’t recommend the following – I tried the adapter on my 3.7v eGo’s and it worked well giving me a bit more power, however, they are 3.7v devices and pushing them beyond their limit could theoretically result in damage.

You can get them individually at

Keep on vaping!

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