The Vaping Experiment – How Long can I go Without a Vape? – RESULTS

The results are in – and they are for the most part as I figured.

A few weeks ago I challenged my self to a “vaping challenge” – The Vaping Experiment – How Long can I go Without a Vape?

The Plan

I’m going to begin by not vaping for a period of 24hrs – or the equivalent of a regular day. I’m going to do it on a weekend where I don’t have work to keep my self busy – only the stress of my kids :)

I will document, on paper, each hour how I feel starting from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.

I will make no assumptions to begin with and treat this experiment as a normal day.

Once complete I will review and report back here – depending on the results I may try to go for a longer period of time.

When I posted this here on Big Vapers and in the forums the question most asked was “WHY?” – simple, curiosity! I want to know how addicted I am to vaping.

I was however, very surprised to see a lot of people as curious about it as me and a few people willing to join in on the experiment.

The Results

First, if you did not read the original post you should – it explains the methodology and background on the conception of the Vaping Experiment.

I had intended to mark my results on paper hourly – I started to do so – however this prooved more challenging than the experiment itself 🙂 So here are my basic findings.

  • 7am – Baby’s crying. Wake up and make bottle. Head to play room. Turn on TV. Sit down and vape – argh no vape this morning for me.
  • 8am – Watching baby play. Thinking about vaping, but  not having any major problems. Mostly mind over matter at this point.
  • 9am – My oldest wakes up. Wife wakes up. Making breakfast. Vaping did not cross my mind until I wrote this down 🙂
  • 10am – Really want an after breakfast vape. Not nic fitting, just want the mental satisfaction. Feeling weird not having a MOD or eGo in my hand, pocket, or in reaching distance.
  • 11am – Family outing. Errands. Walmart. Annoying customers – could really use a vape now. No choice but to put it out of mind I have no vape with me.
  • 12pm – My wife thought it would be funny to bring her eGo with her and vape in fornt of me, she says it’s a good challenge to see if other people vaping makes me want to vape – OF COURSE IT DOES!
  • 1pm – This was a STUPID idea! What was I thinking? The people on the forums were right! ARGH ;(
  • 2pm – Standing in my office alone. Staring at my vape shelf. There is a gentle ray of light coming through the window and shinning on my LT. It glimmers and begs me to pick it up – NO, NO, NO! Must keep to the experiment.
  • 3pm – Thinking about all the times I quit smoking – the headaches, the coughing. Feeling dizzy and light headed. I’m not experiencing any of this – just the desire to vape – it’s all mental at this point.
  • 4pm – YEP, I’m ADDICTED! At least it is all mental and not physical.
  • 5pm – This is so stupid. I have enough data for my blog. I love vaping. GIVE ME MY VAPE!
  • 6pm – Drinking beer makes me forget.
  • 7pm – I NEED MORE BEER!
  • 8pm – Screw this! I’m vaping!
  • 9pm – FAIL. Vape in hand, clouds of vapor, pure bliss!

So there you have it – 14hrs without a vape – just over half the amount of time I had endeavoured to do. However, I do not consider this experiment a fail.

I think – for me – based on the results it is obvious that I have switched addictions – but this is not a bad thing. Vaping is a safer alternative and I feel better than I ever have since I left analogues behind.

The above findings are somewhat as I expected in the sense that vaping – for me at least – is strictly a physiological addiction. I feel the need to vape. My mind craves the feeling of the vapor in my throat, the taste of ejuice, holding a the MOD in my hand, the clouds of vapor over my head, and of course nicotine.

I am, however, very pleased to find that even after 14hrs I never experienced a NIC fit, at least not like when you quit smoking.

If I had to do it again – hardly doubt this will happen – I think I can make it at least another 5-10hrs.

Have you tried this? What were your results?

5 thoughts on “The Vaping Experiment – How Long can I go Without a Vape? – RESULTS

  1. Well, you made it quite a bit longer than I did! I started my clock at 6pm Friday evening. At 7:30 I found myself with my provape provari in my hand vaping away….then I realized what I was attempting to do. I learned a lot myself. Vaping is my coping mechanism, which is what I wrote about today. I’ll admit it, without vaping the world makes little sense. Congrats for making it 14 hours!

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