Monday Vapes – Vaping at WordCamp Montreal 2012!

This weekend in Montreal was WordCamp Montreal 2012 – for those of you un-familiar  with the event here is a quick blurb –

WordCamp Montreal is a conference about the world’s most popular blogging and CMS software WordPress. Developers, designers and users will come together for talks and workshops related to WordPress, and to network.

For the past 7 years I have been an un-official WordPress evangelist – travelling to WordCamp’s around the world and working professionally as a freelancer and sometimes in house at an agency as a WordPress designer, themer, developer etc. Not only has WordPress been a HUGE part of my life – the bread and butter that has always been there to support my family and I – I have also been a community leader and WordCamp organizer for 5 years! In fact this year marked my 5th year as an organizer!

All that aside – I was also there representing the vaping community. As much as WordPress has been a HUGE part of my life for the past 7 years so has vaping for the past 6 months! Not only has vaping been the ONLY success story in my journey to quit smoking there’s a strong, passionate, vocal, motivated, and dedicated community of millions world wide that strive for the same common good – the same can be said for the WordPress community 🙂

This weekend was another example of how vaping can affect the lives of smokers in a positive way. As an organizer most of my day is dedicated to wondering the halls, the common rooms, and the presentation rooms answering questions, directing people, putting out fires, etc. This year I was vaping my way through the day.

As a vaper we are used to poeple stopping us and asking questions – “What is that?, How does it work?, Where can I get one?” – so as vapers we have answers, and as I’ve said before – we have a responsibility to educate smokers and non-smokers alike!

WordCamp was no exception! I answered a lot of these questions during the 2 day conference. But, what excited me the most was bumping into other vapers at WordCamp! It was great to see other’s vaping and also spreading the good word. We managed to – I think sway a few smokers to give it a shot – I even gave an eGo away to one smoker who really wanted to start and give it try -hopefully he sticks to it!

One of my favorite moments during WordCamp was when the Happiness Bar turned into vaping 101 for about an hour as I educated a group of about 20+ people on the ins and outs of vaping, gear, juice, etc.

I had a great 2 days at WordCamp and having vapers around made it even more special – this is why community is so important and why if you believe in something strong enough and your are passionate about it you have to do what it takes to get the word out and educate the masses – as well as learn from them! This is why I blog, tweet, Instagram, pin, and stay on Facebook!

Keep on vaping!

7 thoughts on “Monday Vapes – Vaping at WordCamp Montreal 2012!

  1. This is one of the things I love about vaping in public; the chance to educate, and really make a difference, in smoker’s lives. I never pass up the chance to do an impromptu vaping seminar; I may just save a life or two 🙂
    ~Debbye R.N.

  2. Your impromptu educational session at the happiness bar was great. For someone who’s just over 4 weeks into vaping it was nice to get more information on the tools and gear available, and to simply get advice from someone who knows so much more than I about this awesome non-smoking movement!

    1. Thanks buddy! The fact that people actually wanted to listen to me talk about it amazed me the most! I’m glad I have been able to help you in your vaping journey – you’ll know as much as me at some point – we were all n00b’s at once 🙂 Just stick to it!

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