Be Careful When Mixing Your Juices! – Weekend Tip

This is not a DIY (Do It Yourself) tip – this is for the those who like to mix their pre-made juices for fun or to experiment – we’ve all done it!

We’ve all done it at least once – we look over at our juice and see a Banana we really love and wonder what it would taste like if we mixed it with an Icy Menthol for example – by the way I tried that and it tastes great. However, sometimes we don’t get the results we are looking for.

I’ll be honest, I really want to try my hands at DIY, just haven’t had the time, and with so many great juices out there I just don’t see a reason to – yet. So, I like to play mad scientist once and a while and mix juices I already have to see what they taste like, and usually it works out well – usually – that being said I’ve had some disastrous combinations!

True story – I was at work and my carto ran dry. In my eGo carrying case I had a few bottles of juice and was deciding what to vape next. I had some Banana Fosters from Gentlemens Reserve ( really bomb juice) and Canadian Rich ( a tabacco flavour from Canada Vapes) – both really great juices on their own. I thought “what If I mixed them? What a great combo, a sweet and rich tabacco flavour”. WRONG! What followed next next was a long inhale and a gagging fit – I kid you not, it tasted like poop, yes poop, and smelled like it too – in fact my colleagues could smell it as well and were totally grossed out – not a great experience!

Lesson learned – be careful when mixing your juices – you never know what you’re going to get!

But, keep on experimenting – it’s fun and a great way to learn 🙂

Keep on vaping!

7 thoughts on “Be Careful When Mixing Your Juices! – Weekend Tip

  1. Not sure how I got here but found this post relative to my vape routine, I’ve managed to gradually decrease my ejuice nic levels from 18-6mg, a few months ago I started mixing 6mg tobacco juice with 0mg RY4, now I do it all the time, I find RY4 straight is a tad too sweet but it’s great when mixed with various tobacco flavours, I tend to go for camel or virginia as they blend well with the sweetness of the RY4, but I can’t always find my preferred tobacco flavours as low as 6mg, so I sometimes reduce the nic content of 12mg tobaccos by mixing with 0mg RY4, it works well for me. 8) I wish there were more nutty flavours available, I vaped some peanut butter awhile back, really loved it, better still when mixed with RY4 !! 😛

    1. Personally I’m a big fan of RY4 – but I know many people feel the same way as you do about it.

      Once you find a mix or juice you like – why rock the boat! 🙂

  2. I accidentally topped up a half full stardust with RY4 thinking I was adding more Jabba\’s Hookah (liquids looks so similar in color tone), and that was a terrible combination! Banana and chocolate was (obviously) a fantastic combo, as was watermelon and cantaloupe!

      1. Interesting, did not know that… Oddly enough, Jabba’s Hookah is in my top 2 or 3 favorite juices, whereas I did not like the RY4. Maybe it wasn’t as bad of a mix, but more so the taste of the RY coming through more and not being to my liking.

  3. You sure do have to be careful.

    There are some horrendous combinations to be made and also some quite good “happy accidents”.

    Just be sure to take some notes so that you know what you did (good or bad) 🙂

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