Do You Prefer Long or Short Wick eGo Clearomizers? – Friday Poll

Recently I have been using eGo Clearomizers a.k.a. CE4 Clearomizers a.k.a. Stardusts pretty much exclusively – they just produce so well and are so easy to maintain!

Yesterday I posted a video – a review/comparison of short vs. long wick eGo Clearomizers and I curious what everyone else thinks?

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I'm a driven creative, technologist, and brand developer. I'm also a designer, blogger, social addict, professional speaker, event organizer, father, published author, and founder of DayChamp from Montréal, Canada.

One comment

  1. I would have to say “Long” wicks.

    Although I have many customers who have a preference for Short wicks also.

    Makes sense to me to just stock both.

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