The Vaping Experiment – How Long can I go Without a Vape?

UPDATE – The RESULTS are in!

I have not had a cigarette, as of this post, in 5 months, 7days, and 20 hours – and yes I am very proud of myself!

I think it goes without saying – but I’m going to say it anyways – that I could not have done it without turning to vaping!

For those of you who were smokers or still are smokers, you know how difficult it is to go, depending on your addiction, without a cigarette for x amount of hours. Unfortunately for me – at my peak – it was basically every hour! Yes, I was a pack a day or more smoker for years.

I started vaping about 2 weeks after quitting. I was using nicorette inhalers and gum and it was increasingly becoming difficult – and yes I cheated once or twice. After a long discussion with my wife, on how I did not want to fail this time, I decided to research electric cigarettes – they worked!

Within a month of using a pen style e-cig, more specifically the Joyetech 510-T, I discovered eGo’s, then MOD’s … the rest is history.

Vaping fulfills my needs as an ex-smoker, both physical and mentally. I enjoy the taste of the eJuice, the feeling of the vapor in my throat, the clouds of vapor above my head, and of course the nicotine to relieve my cravings.

Have I switched my addiction?

This is a great question – and a question I get asked a lot by non-vapers.

Most smokers don’t like to admit it – we are addicts! Addiction comes in all forms: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food, coffee, sex, etc. You can be addicted anything! The key is understanding that the real addiction is addiction. In other words we are addicted to being addicted to something.

It is very common for people to switch addictions – recovering alcoholics and drug users commonly move to chain smoking, ex-smokers commonly move to food – these are common switches because the mind is looking for a way to relieve stress and replace that emptiness you feel emotionally and psychologically. When your body has become conditioned to perform a certain behaviour regularly you have this incessant need to replace it – it’s only human! However, you can overcome this and many people do.

In the end it is all relative – meaning switching addictions is not necessarily a bad thing depending on what that new addiction is 🙂

The Vaping Experiment

Am I, are vapers addicted to vaping? Have we just switched one addiction for another?

Personally, I would agree we have switched addictions – for better!  If I’m going to be hooked on something I rather it be safer than smoking and something that will not affect those around me in a negative way – yes, yes, you could argue that it may affect individuals that don’t agree with vaping, however there is no proof that “second hand vape” is dangerous.

Most of us, including myself, vape eJuice with nicotine in it. Agree or not, there is clinical evidence that nicotine has addictive properties. Nicotine can also be dangerous at certain dosages – not the doses used in eJuice – but, then again, so can caffeine and even water.

What I’m curious about it is whether or not I can go for long periods of time, starting with 24hrs as an experiment, without vaping and not having any side effects.

When I smoked – after a few hours with no cigarette I started to “rehab” my body needed both the physical and mental fix. I experienced drowsiness, light headedness, change in attitudes and emotions, etc. As a smoker, current or ex, you know exactly what I mean.

So, the question is – can I go for at least 24hrs without a vape and not have a “vape fit”? Have I switched addictions and now need to vape?

I’ve gone for a few hours without vaping and not had any issues – but in all fairness, I was keeping myself busy with something.

The Plan

I’m going to begin by not vaping for a period of 24hrs – or the equivalent of a regular day. I’m going to do it on a weekend where I don’t have work to keep me busy – only the stress of my kids 🙂

I will document, on paper, each hour how I feel starting from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.

I will make no assumptions to begin with and treat this experiment as normal day.

Once complete I will review and report back here – depending on the results I may try to go for a longer period of time.

Join In 

If you feel so inclined I invite you to join in – take the same experiment this weekend and share your thoughts here – I’m curious to see how similar or different it is from vaper to vaper.

Wish me luck!

7 thoughts on “The Vaping Experiment – How Long can I go Without a Vape?

  1. I found this on from a link by Steve Vape. I’m very interested in the outcome. I was an ex-smoker for 20 years, never cheated once, and I took up vaping in 2011 after being introduced to it as the “next big thing”. I really enjoyed it, the smoking part was always my biggest turn on about smoking. I enjoyed it so much that I sold my other publication and launched Spinfuel eCigs Magazine so that I could keep up with all the changes, report them, and publish my observations on vaping. Then I hired a team of writers and off we went.

    So anyway I started to vape 0-nicotine eJuice…at first. My product of choice back then was Blu Cigs because their Classic Tobacco was awesome… (virgin vape taste buds I suppose), and now I use several American made eJuice and several pieces of hardware, including a provari, Tgo’s, Halo batteries, and much more. I love them all. Hell, I have at least a dozen bottles of ejuice in my bedside nightstand at all times..

    Then I began hearing about the great throat hit, which you simply do not have with 0-nic juice, so I moved up to nicotine ejuice. Now I vape whenever I’m awake, unless I’m keeping myself very busy. I tried the other night to stop vaping for the rest of the evening because I had a headache, maybe from too much vaping I’m not so sure… but the longest I went was about 30 minutes and then it was back to vaping a 24mg tobacco vape. So, am I addicted? Yea, I suppose so. But, since switching to nicotine based vaping I’ve been more alert, more focused, and require less sleep, so for me its all been positive. Well, mostly positive anyway. There are times when I can tell that I “overvaped”, tight lungs, headache, and nervousness, then i switch to a 6MG juice for a while…

    I’m sure that should the scientists all of a sudden find that vaping will kill you then all those friends and family that called me dumb for vaping after being smoke free for 20 years will feel somewhat vindicated. Until then, I wish I could vape as much as I smoked, which was like you, one an hour, but I can’t even go 10 minutes without taking a hit, or 4. So maybe after I hear how things go with you I’ll try this myself. Or maybe try it with you. Maybe I might even write about your story, I think many people would be interested in this.


    1. First, John, thanks for such a great reply and for sharing your story. I’m always amazed at how many ex-smokers start vaping after being smoke free for so long. My wife quit smoking about 3yrs ago – when I started vaping she wanted to try it – and ever since then we are booth hooked 🙂

      As for the nicotine addiction – let’s face it, it’s real. However, I believe addictions are about pros and cons – most addictions are damaging – others not so much – with nicotine, with vaping anyways, I find it does not control my life like smoking did. Now, maybe that is because I can vape basically anywhere all the time.

      I started with 24mg, and these days I mostly vape 6-12mg depending on the eJuice, I find a lot of 18mg+ eJuice’s mess with my body – headaches, body aches, etc.

      0-nic ejuice has good flavour, but yes, unfortunately, no throat hit – which is a must!

      Join in this weekend, I would be really interested to see how it goes.

      Please feel free to spread the word 🙂

      1. Well, I decided to give it a go…beginning at 5AM this morning, about an hour ago. When I woke up, turned on the coffee, fed my cats and the 6 strays that depend on my sharing of my cats food with them (and the shelter of my ‘florida room’ during the night) I went back to bed, grabbed my computer, and reached for my provari and then I remembered… “Wait” my mind screamed out. “Don’t vape today! Remember?!” I pulled my hand back, my smile went south on me, and skimming the headlines my attitude became, somber. I WANT TO VAPE NOW! —- Will I make it? Probably not. Instead of working on my opinion piece I’m going to slip back in back and watch The Rifleman on AMC. Maybe I can go a couple more hours…

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