Vape Mini Review of the Week – Phiniac Phineer Tanks

Beautiful Veneered Pyrex Cartomizer Tank by Mist in the Woods!

I’m always impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of gear that exists in the world of vaping. Phiniac is no exception – they are by far one of the most unique tank crafters out there!

Most well known for their handcrafted and unique one of kind pyrex tanks they also offer a beautifully “Phineered” pyrex tank by Mist in the Woods. These tanks are gorgeous and they perform as good as they look!

Wood on the outside, Pyrex on the inside.  These tanks are both beautiful and functional. Each Phiniac Phineer is a one of kind work of art!  They are handcrafted from start to finish.  As is the case with EVERY Phiniac tank, the glass on the inside of each is annealed to further strengthen it and make it more rugged. Phiniac Phineers will provide a worry free vaping experience that gives confidence to the user when using the more “demanding” liquids…

Just imagine the possibilities …

Posted by Phiniac on their Facebook page.

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