Vaping on a Plane – Weekned Tip

The last few weeks I’ve been traveling quite a bit for both work and pleasure and I’ve learned a few tricks along the way.

I published a post a while back about traveling with your PV – What You Need to Know When Traveling with Your E-Cig – where I answered some questions about airport security, airline policies, and best practices when vaping in airports. However, this post was purely based on research and other peoples experiences, at the time I had only been vaping a short while and had not actually traveled with my PV yet – so this month I put my tips to the test.

I’ll be honest, I was a little anxious about going through security, despite everything in my research, you still never know what can happen. I played it safe and only packed my eGo’s, which was rough because I was gone for over a week and knew I would begin to miss my Lavtaube and Omega, but I figured worse case scenario I rather have an eGo confiscated rather than my precious MOD’s.

My Travel Gear

  • eGo carrying case – I put this in my carry on
    • 1 x 10ml bottle of eJuice
    • 1 x SR Boge carto sealed
    • 1 x SR Boge carto filled
    • 1 x 650mAh eGo battery
    • 1 x eGo charger
  • Checked in luggage
    • 3 x 10ml and 1 x 30ml bottle of eJuice
    • 1 x DCT
    • 1 x Stardust
    • 1 x 1000mAh eGo battery


  • I made sure to have my carry on eGo battery fully charged the night before
  • Checked eJuice was sealed tightly in a zip lock baggy

Going Through Security – Canada and United States and Mexico

  • When going through the scanner I put my carry on 10ml bottle of eJuice in an airport security plastic bag for liquids and put in the tray
  • I unscrewed my carto from my battery and put it and my eGo carrying case in the tray

In my travels I went through multiple airports, security checkpoints, and countries, and I had ZERO issues. In fact, security never questioned any of my gear – they went through the scanner without a hitch!

As for vaping – I sat at my gate vaping without any problems, a few people starred at me in wonderment and 1 person asked if I was smoking and I explained what vaping was and how it works. On the plane I was very courteous. I made sure to inform the passenger next to me that I used and e-cig and if it was ok with them if vaped during the flight – they were more than curious and had no problems with it. 1 flight attendant came over in a hurry when they saw the clouds of vapor. She had no issues with me vaping as long as no one else on the plane did.

Without question my first experience traveling as a vaper was excellent. Perhaps I was lucky or perhaps times are changing. Either way, don’t be afraid to do it – just make sure you follow the rules and you will be fine.

Good luck!




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