Vape Mini Review of the Week – VAPUR Disposable E-Cigs

Yes I know how this looks – I’m doing a review on disposable e-cigs that you can purchase at the gas station or deppaneur (Quebec term for variety store) – this is definitely not something “real” vapers would ever use – I certainly don’t! However, recently these pens style e-cigs have been popping up all over Montreal in gas stations, deppaneur’s, and even pharmacies, and people are buying them!

I can totally understand the craze. When I was still smoking I was looking for a safer alternative and ended up going with something like this. It definitely helped, but the attraction wore off very quickly – 5 eGo’s, 1 Omega, and Lavatube later I was bit by the vaping bug!

In a society where smoking is becoming more and more difficult e-cigs like this are becoming more and more popular. These guys have been campaigning hard locally in Montreal to get there e-cigs in stores, they have been running promos offline and online, they have a very slick marketing campaign that appeals to smokers, and it’s working, people are vaping them everywhere!

So, I had to give it try!

They currently come in 6 flavours: Cherry, Menthol, Grape, Classic (Tobacco), Vanilla, and Cafe. They are designed like a standard pen style e-cig, reminds me of the Joyetech 510, but disposable, they are automatic, the juice is a PG/VG mix (not sure how much), natural and artificial (does not list artificial ingredients) flavourings , and they are nicotine free.

They come in a clear plastic tube with a lable at the top that indicates the flavour and basic ingredients (named above). The package claims they are good for 500 puffs, but as we all know that is completely relevant depending on your vape style. Finally, they cost $8.99.

I have to admit, these disposable e-cigs have come a long way – the flavour is not bad and surprisingly they produce pretty good vapor. This is not something I would use, I may not even recommend it to someone thinking about switching, but I am biased since I’m a vapor geek.


I purchased Grape Sensation and Vanilla Kiss. I have to admit the flavour wasn’t bad at first – but there was ZERO throat hit and the taste wore off quickly. Grape sensation tastes kinda like warm grape koolaid  or grape medicin. It lasted about 3 days and died.

For a disposable e-cig – it’s high on the list – but it really isn’y anything special.

Personally, I would like to see eGo’s being sold in the open market. Most people have no clue what they are missing.

In the end vaping is a personal thing and the choice is yours to make – stay tuned for a video review on these and let me know your thoughts.

8 thoughts on “Vape Mini Review of the Week – VAPUR Disposable E-Cigs

  1. I just bought one…..from the gas station and it doesn’t flipping work….unless there’s a hidden way to activate it….just my luck…grrrr…im on the patch lol

  2. I was a 1/2 pk per day smoker. Been trying to quit for years and tried it all.
    Someone reccomended Vapur e cigs and it has now been a month since my last smoke. I have gone through 4 Vapur’s and they are great! I do not miss the real thing at all and thoroughly enjoy a “smoke” after dinner without having to run outside in -35 temps.
    They may not have the hit as others suggest, but I don’t think I am missing a thing. In fact, I know am not and I would reccomend these to anyone trying to quit.

  3. I currently puff on a eGo Twist and I’ve had almost every eGo variant that’s available, But I today I ran out of juice and my order hasn’t arrived yet so I stopped by a gas station and picked up a Vapur Cherry Bomb. The taste is very good, but has absolutely no throat hit and 0mg nic content. It will get me by just fine. No real complaints yet but I don’t expect it to last long.

  4. I have a Vapur Cherry I got it a little while ago i have used it on & off for atleast a month and it still works. I was a heavy smoke and just recently quit, in my opinion theses gadgets are completely useless and are more appealing to people than anything else. On the other hand you can purchase the rechargeable Epuffer at aprox 100$ wich has liquid nicotine tips usefull for coming off of the real thing and to just satisfy that quick fix. I do believe they sell the tips with out nicotine but why even bother you might as well go chew a mint gum or buy a candy unless you just find it amusing to blow smkoe from your mouth. On another note I agee the vapur has a decent taste but no throat feeling on the other hand the Epuffer really feels like a cigarette (as close as possible) but there is still very little knowledge of the effects of inhaling pure nicotine into your lungs. So once again use at your own risk but for a little bit of help while coming off of tobacco products i do see its upside. Would never use either of theses products on a regular basis. Hope this help’s to hear my 2 cents!

  5. I was a 4 to 5 cig a day smoker , I quit 2 weeks today.
    I bought the Vapur Menthol blast and was surprised, however it lasted 2 days .
    I also sleep ,work eat and do other things than just vape.
    I really do not think I took 400 to 500 puffs.
    I went to the distributor , Casa Cubana on Stinston Street in Montreal right of the service rd . near the Rockland mall. I work 5 minutes away.
    The young lady at customer relations Christina first told me that they would run tests at quality control ??
    and see what the problem was with my defected e cig and then they would replace it.
    I insisted and they replaced it on the spot.THX.
    Less than 48hrs. it expired again! I do not think it lasts as long as they claim.
    I went to the depaneur where I bought it, the manager clearly said that they have several returns and complaints about the product.
    She then suggested another brand “ NV“ out of western Canada, Manitoba or BC.
    So again I give it a try , very similar, as I puff I feel air coming through the seam where you screw on the tip.
    Less than 48hrs. DEAD!!
    I guess they are simply a 1 evening type gadget, quite costly at 11$ a pop !
    Can someone suggest a brand that can be recharged and contains no nicotine.
    Thanking you all in advance!
    Rai Mondo

    1. Rai, the problem with these depaneur e-cigs is that for the most part theya re crap. If you really want to vape to quit smoking I recommend you invest in areal e-cig like an ego. You can them at pretty much any online vendor just google it. Good luck! If you have any questions or need any advice just contact me through this blog.

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