Keep Your Batteries and Juices Cool This Summer – Weekend Tip

I know this may sound obvious, but sometimes we tend to forget to do the simple things to maintain our vape gear – stroring batteries and juices in cool places is one them.

Batteries specifically like to be stored in cool places. This will help with prolonging there life span and prevent the potential of your battery going into melt down or exploding. Despite what yoiu may have heard, exploding batteries is very rare, but we should still be vigilant about keeping them safe.

Batteries in particular like cooler environments, around 10c – 15c I find is the best. I keep my battereis, along with all my vape gear in my office in the basement.

Here is a chart from Battery University with more details on temperature and storage.

eJuice also likes be stored in a cool dark place like a basement. This helps prolong the eJuice’s life and prevent the possibility of mold growth or bacteria – yes juice can be susceptible to mold and bacteria! However this is pretty rare unless you are storing it next to your oven and by a window in direct sunlight 🙂

In the summer months, depending on where you live, the hot sun and humidity can be deadly for batteries and juice. The most common mistake rookies make is leaving there batteries or juice in there car on a hot summer day and come back to find that the battery has melted and the juice tastes off.

If you are out and about this summer with your PV make sure you keep it on you so that you can monitor if it is getting to hot – besides, most of us never leave or PV’s alone!


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