eGo PV Stands Made from Construction Blocks by Big Vapers

I’m a geek at heart – not just with vaping but also tech, gadgets, toys, and building bloks of  all kinds.

There are a ton options when it comes to PV stands for MOD’s. However, most of the custom made stands I’ve seen are made from wood, or some kind of metal, which is cool, but I wanted something different.

We are all unique – therefore our taste in PV’s is too. So why not express that with how we display our collection.

Construction blocks are great because there are so many choices in colour, shape, size, etc. With this medium you can create just about anything.

Below is my first attempt at building PV stands with construction bloks. These can be easily customized with a myriad of colours, patterns, and other abstract shapes and sizes. Currently I have designed them to hold a standard eGo 650/900/1000 – I’m working on stands for tube MOD’s and drip tip shelves.

These are not for sale yet – I’m looking for feedback and ideas.

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