Monday Vapes – The “Stardust Swirl” Helps prevent Smoky Vapes

I love the Stardust – they’re easy to use and maintain, they produce really good flavour and vapor, and they’re cheap!

However, nothing is perfect and the Stardust does have it’s cons, most commonly the smoky hit. When the juice starts to run low on the Stardust smoky hits become common, this is due to the short wick. Like the old vape saying goes “keep it wet!” – this is the only constant in vaping and applies to all carts, cartos, atties, tanks, etc.

The Stardust is no exception to this rule – if the wick runs wet you get a smoky taste – no one wants a smoky taste. The solution – simple, the “Stardust Swirl”!

I did not invent this method but I came across it naturally and have seen many other Stardust users do this.

How it works

When your  juice starts to get lower than the halfway mark it gets more difficult for the wick to stay wet. What I like to do every 2-3 vapes is hold my PV horizontally and swirl it around so the juice starts to wet the wick again. Easy! It works every time.

the “Stardust Swirl”

So the next time you’re getting a smoky hit off the Stardust get your SWIRL on!

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