Do You Vape Around Your Kids? – Friday Poll

8 thoughts on “Do You Vape Around Your Kids? – Friday Poll

  1. i vap around my 6 year old son I used to smoke in the same house with him not in the same room mind you. He was getting respiratory infections constantly. I thought it must be allergy cause he has allergy problem. he begged me to quit smoking after seeing a video at school so i decided to give vaping a try and since then not one infection and i vap in the same room with him I vap everywhere now even on a plane, in federal buildings every with no one ever telling i was not allowed too so its more publicly accepted and my doctor said my lung conpassity has went up 3% since i quit smoking and i love blue berry cheese cake so the juice is better than eating a ton of junk food and i lost 10 pounds vaping

  2. I’m a Registered Nurse and I’ve been vaping for almost 2 years. My daughter started vaping when she was pregnant last year and still vapes near my grandson, who is 14 months old. I also vape around him and thus far, his pediatrician has absolutely no problem with it.

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