Vape Gear – What You Should Always Bring When on the Go!

If you have been vaping for a while you know that leaving the house with just your PV and nothing else is dangerous – OK, not dangerous, but you may end up a very unhappy vaper by the end of the day if your bat dies or you’re out of juice!

I can’t speak for all vapers – but I definitely learned the hard way!

Recently I helped a few guys at my office make the switch to vaping, I’m happy to report that so far they love it and are smoke free.

On the second day 2 of the 3 guys I helped came by my desk asking if I could help them out? You guessed it – noob error 101 – they left home with just their PV!

I realized, just like I had done once in the past, it is not always obvious what you need to bring with you, especially when you are just figuring things out and you have not yet discovered your vaping style. For example; Some vapers can go all day on 1ml of juice, others might need tripple that.

It took me a few days to figure out what necessities I need when on the go – plus depending on my PV of the day the gear setup is different – something else you need to learn as you go – now it’s just second nature.

The not always obvious list of gear for on the go vaping

  • Extra batteries – at least 1
  • A USB or wall charger
  • Extra juice – I usually bring a few bottles
  • Extra tanks, cartos, or atties – whatever you use bring at least 1 extra
  • Cotton swabs or tissue to clean excess juice from battery connections
  • Optional stuff
    • Tweezers – depending on your MOD
    • Noalox – depending on your MOD
    • Paperclips or safety pin – great for cleaning cartos
    • Empty bottle – you never when you might come across a DIY’er 🙂
    • Syringe or syringe tip bottle – filling
    • Condoms (The rubber caps from your cartos) – great for filling or capping while travelling

So there you have it! As you can see from the above pic my basic eGo on the go gear is pretty straight forward. I’ve added a few optional items to the list based on different MOD setups – hopefully this helps the rookies figure things out.

Keep on vaping!

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