Monday Vapes – 2 Cool New MOD’s from CigTechs: Legolas & BAM!

The Legolas – pretty sweet!

If you’re a geek at heart and love lego or building then this MOD is right up your alley. I have to admit it’s pretty cool and unique, and honestly, I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to build a LEGO MOD!

Legolas is a 100% built Lego MOD. This Legolas is designed to hold a single 14500 battery. This is an ULTRA light device that brings you back the memories while you vape! And while your at it, feel free to add more Legos to you MOD and customize it!


It’s here – a PV designed specifically to support the kick. I’m pretty stoked about this MOD, I’ve been searching for the perfect kick MOD and this might just be it. I’m looking forward to hearing what veteran kick users have to say.

Personally Im a 18650 kind of guy, but this PV looks pretty!

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