Monday Vapes – Vapestock Canada, or Something Like It!

I originally posted about this in the forums – now that there is momentum and people are talking it’s time I kicked off the first post here. This is not an official announcement – there is still some work to be done in trying to get this up and running.

To be fair to all the forums I posted in I will re-post the original thread here:

I’m beginning the process of putting together a team to help organize the first ever Vapestock in Canada (I’m pretty sure it’s the first).

If you are a Canadian living on Montreal and want to be on the team please let me know in the comments.

If you are a Canadian Vendor and want to help out in some capacity please let me know in the comments.

If you live any where in Canada and still want to help, you know the drill 

Also, this is not just exclusive to Canadian’s, geography just helps with organizing, but if you are a vaper/vendor and want to help, have suggestions or ideas please let me know.

I just wanted to be clear because I have been asked privately about this. In following with the tradition of and their philosophy – this is a FREE event, the whole idea is to bring Vapers together for a weekend so we can all vape out!


Let’s do this and get our Vape on in the great white north!

So there you have it! I’ve started a google for those interested in helping, vendors interested in exhibiting or sponsoring, and anyone with suggestions or ideas. Please feel free to request to join if you feel you have something to offer.

First order of business – we need a new name! Something that represents Canada but also doesn’t confuse us with

We have narrowed a long list down to 4 choices. You can vote below on the poll, or ECF or NV. You do not need to be Canadian to vote – this event is open to the world 🙂

*I will tally votes from all 3 sources.

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