Be the Master of Your MOD’s – Weekend Tip

Recently I posted about “Moving to a MOD – from n00b to Vaper” – that is only the first step. Once you have a MOD you should know everything about that MOD – how it works, how it’s made, and how to clean it! After all, you just spent a lot of money and time finding the right MOD and you want it to last.

Like any electronic device there is always some maintenance involved and with MOD’s especially you need top clean them. It’s amazing how many nooks an crannies are on a MOD and juice can potentially get into any them.

My first MOD, and still my favourite,  is my Omega v2. When I purchased it I knew very little about it – all that mattered to me was that it was 510 threaded and would work with my cartos and atties.

After a few weeks I ran into some problems – the throw was all messed up, it was firing inconstantly, and then it just stopped working! My heart broke, “Nooooooo, not my Omega! why … why …”. I searched for answers high an low on the forums but It seamed others knew very little as well. The thing is, if you are not an Omega user chances are you don’t know how to trouble shoot.

Finally I got an answer on a forum where someone was kind enough to post a video –  “Omega 1.1 Cleaning” by vapehoud. I followed the video to a T and  VOILA! Success! I was able to give it a full cleaning and fix the throw. Now it vapes like a monster 🙂

What I learned from this experience is that you need to know everything about your MOD. While taking my Omeag a part I learned how its inner workings function and what each part is. If ever I have another problem I will be able to troubleshoot, or maybe help out another Omega user one day. I can also properly maintain it by giving it a good cleaning every few weeks and have a MOD I can be proud of that will last me a long time.

Now, whenever I purchase a new MOD the first thing I do is take it a part and figure out how it works.

This weekend be the master of your MOD!


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