VapeMeet Montreal #9 – AWESOME!

Last night I was fortunate enough to go to my first VapeMeet after almost 3 months of vaping and it was AWESOME!

Hanging out on the forums, reading vaping blogs, watching VapeTV, or listening to the VapeCast is great, you learn a lot and “virtually” meet some really awesome people. However, what really makes a community successful, strong, passionate, and worthwhile, in my opinion, is when you can get community members to leave their computers and meet in real life.

There’s is something special about a bunch of  individuals coming together for a common interest. This is why I love MeetUp’s and why professionally I’ve been a community manager and event organizer for so many years.

VapeMeet’s in particular, and I say this because of the geek that I am I go to a lot of meets, are unique. What I enjoy most about VapeMeet’s is being able to test out pv’s you normally would not have the opportunity to test, try some new juices branded and DIY, learn some cool tricks or tips about your MOD, and of course pick up some great gear – I snagged a few things for my wife and I 🙂

I’m sure all VapeMeet’s are unique in their own way – it’s not just about vaping but also the community of people you belong to. For example, I’ll give you a quick run down of the Montreal VapeMeet.

  • Bi-lingual –  true to Montreal we use both French and English in the same sentences 🙂
  • Cheap beer! We don’t really drink water in Quebec.
  • Smoked Meat dinner – this is a Montreal classic supplied by Schwartz’s
  • Laid back, chill, and friendly – how European of us 🙂

I can truly say my first VapeMeet was a success! It also marked, by chance, my 3mth anniversary being SMOKE FREE – what a great way to celebrate.

If you have not been to a VapeMeet yet – do it! Check the forums or to find your local meet.

I’ll leave you with a few pics from last night – I especially dig the Cannon Vape – yes, we vaped from a WWII Cannon!

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