Moving to a MOD – from n00b to Vaper

So you want to be a vaper?

Like most vapers I started using ecigs to quit smoking, and it was a success, but after a few weeks I found that the pen style Joye 510 T just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. The battery life was short and I was having issues with the tanks. I started spending a lot of my spare time watching YouTube videos about vaping, reading vape blogs, and joined a few forums. I began to realize very quickly that there was a whole world of vaping I knew nothing about – a culture with it’s own language, activities, and thriving community.

I came across MOD‘s (this where you here the iconic Ahhhhhh and see the light), and thought to myself –  I need one of those bad boys. However, I knew nothing about MOD’s or MOD’ing, or anything really beyond what I was use to – a 510 T.

I did a bit of digging, asked a few questions online and was amazed at how friendly and helpful the community was, or should I say how AMAZING and FRIENDLY the community is!

To make a long story short I made a decision to quickly upgrade to an eGo 1100 mAh bat, after getting some feedback on a post I published. What a difference! I really wish I had done my research better the first time and purchased an eGo. It was a an expensive, but worthwhile lesson.

After using my eGo for a few days, I felt more confortable about experimenting and decided that I wanted to try a MOD. I still use my eGo, in fact I have few and they are wonderful, I take them to work with me or use them on the go, but for home use I really wanted something more powerful.

I came across DocDave though the NV forums and he was selling an Omega. After a bit of back and forth banter on the thread I was sold – and so my first MOD was in the mail! I actually put together a video on my Omega and a thank you to the community that helped me out, you should watch it 🙂

7 days later, yes 7 … mail is slow in Canada … my Omega arrived! It was a great vaping moment and a turning point on my path to vapelightenment (why not create a new word for it :)). Since then I have not been able to put it down, I even brought it to work a few times.

The Omega showed me a whole new world of vaping. I started dripping, using cartos, and bought a DCT – not to mention I blog everyday about vaping and even produce juice reviews and tutorials on YouTube. I recently purchased another MOD from Dave, a Prodigy V3, and I love it almost as much. I’m sure the MOD collection will continue to grow, despite what the wife says 🙂 Deep down I know she is jealous, I’ve seen her use my Omega and like it!

So, that is my story of moving to a MOD and becoming a vaper.

Here’s a great video from GrimmGreen on “Taking the Next Vaping Step”

5 thoughts on “Moving to a MOD – from n00b to Vaper

  1. Great article, Digibomb! I experienced the same vaping adventure…it’s all part of the experience and growth! The best part is all the wonderful vapers and vapettes we meet along the way!

  2. Great information digibomb. I enjoyed the article. I too started with a stick pv (kr808) then the iGo (the kr808 Ego). My first mod, was a Reo mini and I have never looked back. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    1. Thanks 🙂 When I posted this I dug through my vaping stuff and pulled out the old Joye just for fun. Reo is definitely on the list of must have PV’s, I tried one recently and really dug it.

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