Reviving Dead Atties, a Frankenstein Experiment – Weekend Tip

I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube demonstrating how to boil atties in order to clean them or bring then back to life. I have to admit I’m curious, even though I don’t really use atties anymore, I’m much fonder of cartos. However, that being said I have a pile of dead or semi-functioning atties lying around – so for some weekend fun I decided to see if this trick worked.

I should let you all know that I video taped the entire process and had planned on releasing this as a video tip. Unfortunately somehow the video was corrupted and I can’t get it to open in my editing software. So, I will run through the steps with some pictures, hopefully this will do πŸ™‚

1.Β  Fill a medium size pot halfway with regular tap water. It does not need to be distilled, the boiling process will kill any bacteria.
2. Once the water comes to a boil dump your atties in.

3. Let them boil for about 10mins, or until you can’t smell juice – yes, as they boil you will smell juice!
4. Once boiled, take them off the heat and use a spoon to move them from the hot water and place them on a paper towel to dry.

5. Let them dry for about an 1 hour.
6. After they have dried for about 1 hour we need to blow out the extra water trapped inside.
7. Blow through the battery end into a paper towel – you will see water come out. Repeat until no more water comes out.
8. Let them dry again – this time over night.
9. The next day – place the atty on you bat and listen to make sure it crackles – no crackle, no function. If there is crackle you are ready to try it out.
10. Get some juice, fill a tank, place it on your atty, and vape!

Ok, so I followed the above steps with 4 atties – 2 generic 510 T’s and 2 genuine Joye 510 T’s. Unfortunately only 1 of the 3 actually came back to life (insert evil laugh here – muahaha!). The other 3 made it right back to the graveyard.

The revived Frankenstein atty actually vapes! I get flavour, I get vapour – I have to admit, shocked! How much longer it will last, that is another question. On a side not, the revived atty is a generic atty not a genuine Joye.

That being said, not sure if I consider this a successful or failed experiment. Considering how cheap you can get atties for today, it’s a lengthy process, especially if this atty only ends up holding out for a few more hours or days.

So, basically it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth your time. As I mentioned earlier, I prefer cartos, and they seam to last longer for me, also cleaning cartos is way easier and more effective (see my cleaning cartos video).

… back to the lab for me … what else can I bring back from the dead …

… muahaha …


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