Canadian Vendors – the Big List redux

When I first started Big Vapers not only was my goal to help educate rookies from the point of view of a rookie vaper (not so much a rookie anymore ;)), and inform smokers that there is a safe, easy, and powerful tool to help them quit smoking – I also wanted to support the Canadian community of vapers.

There is a thriving community, culture, and now industry growing daily in Canada and as Canadians we should be proud! As we continue to grow our culture, we need to remember we are a global community – so I wanted to put together a list of Canadian vendors to show the global community what we have to offer it.

There are so many great vendors around the world, and without them us vapers would not be able to vape πŸ™‚

You can find the ever growing list here, and if you’re a Canadian vendor or you know of any vendors missing shoot me an email. Please feel free to pass this list around – we can all, regardless of nation, benefit from good people providing us good products.

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