Monday Vapes – Retailers Say E-Cigs More Than Passing Fad

So I came across this article today on, Survey:Retailers Say E-Cigs More Than Passing Fad,  and thought I would share it.

A survey done by Wells Fargo Securities entitled “Tobacco Talk” found that retailers and wholesalers think e-cigs are here to stay. Unfortunately no where in this article does it say exactly who they surveyed, just refers to retailers and wholesalers, and how large their sample was.

The article does not directly mention why the survey was done, but if you read between the lines it somewhat implies that based on the recent purchase of blu ecigs by Lorillard Inc. that tobacco companies are looking for more data in order to take advantage of this growing market.

There are 2 sentences in this article that really bug me:

 The interest from major tobacco companies could be a driving a force behind the positive attitude toward e-cigs.

Implying that if the tobacco industry thinks e-cigs are “positive” then smokers will automatically switch, and that the government can/will figure out a way to profit from them. Which we all know is unfortunately beginning to happen.

We think e-cigs are to tobacco what energy drinks are to beverages. In other words, similar to energy drinks, e-cigs are profitable, growing quickly, gaining shelf space and consumer acceptance; therefore e-cigarettes are an important new niche category for retailers.

Wow! e-cigs are to tobacco what energy drinks are to beverages – they couldn’t be any more incorrect. Vaping is not a trend for the hipsters. It’s a way of life – or should I say gaining life back from the evil tobacco companies who now seek to profit from it. I don’t vape to be cool, I vape because it was the only thing that helped me quit smoking, it’s about being a part of a community that helps and supports each other.

I fear, as we all should, the big change that is inevitably coming to the e-cig industry, and the vaping community at large.

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