Vape Mini Review of the Week – Vision eGo Clearomizers v2

This is the newest clearomizer designed for the 510/eGo. Version 2 provides longer wicks for more consistent flow of juice to the coil in any position. It has visible markings showing how much juice you have inside.

These new v2 Clearomizers are less likely to spill with tighter drip tips. They hold about 1.6ml of juice, which is roughly .5ml more than the average tank but a little less than a cartomizer.

That being said, clearomizers are a lot easier to maintaing than cartomizers and from what I understand they have a better life expectancy – of course that depends on vaping style and juice.

What is a clearomizer?

Basically it’s a cartomizer without the polyfil. They use a rope like wick to soak up the juice, similar to a zippo, that sends the juice to the coil at the top to be vaporized. They are clear so you can see how much juice you have left, like a tank setup.

The biggest con I have come across is the thin plastic casing which tends to break very easily, compared to metal or hard plastic cartomizers.

Like any product you buy make sure to purchase it from a reputable vendor and make sure they are genuine Vision clearomizers also sometimes know as the Stardust.

If you are already using cartos and like them, then it is definitely worth trying!

5 thoughts on “Vape Mini Review of the Week – Vision eGo Clearomizers v2

  1. I have not tried these yet though I have three of the 8 Vision eGo Transparent Clearomizers. Bought 2 for a reserve whenever the first one I bought dies. Its still fine though. Going by your review I am now intrigued and want to try the V2.
    I was a heavy smoker and I dont touch even close in money payed out in vaping as I did when I used analogs. So, lets see…buy one to try of the Vision EGo Clearomizer V2. Yep, I can afford that. 🙂

    1. The original Vision eGo Transparent Clearomizers are still pretty good, the real benefit of v2 is the wick. It all depends on how you vape. they are worth a try, and I don’t think you will ever spend what you did when you smoked – I was a pack a day smoker and I don’t even come close.

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