Careful When Filling a SmokTech DCT – Weekend Tip

Ok, so I got my first DCT – and I’m loving it!

However, my first experience filling it turned into “My First Juice Crisis”

I posted this in the NV forum:

argh …

got my frist big tank a few days ago, SmokTech DCT 5ml, from High Desert Ecigs, watch a bunch of vids on YouTube on how to fill it. Well, half way through I started to push my carto up, as the vids said to do, and all of sudden, somehow, the cap on my juice got stuck in the whole. I pulled a bot to get it out and the damn cap falls off, juice goes everywhere, of course I flinched witch made it worse and got juice all over my hands, the tank, my clothes, the desk, my keyboard, etc … half a 30ml bottle gone …

won’t do that again … took forever to clean, and worst off my tank was grease for hours … slipping and sliding everywhere …

lesson learned …

See original thread.

Yep, so the lesson is be careful, it can happen to anyone – or at least it happened to me πŸ™‚

Here is a great video on how to fill a SmokTech DCT

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