No More Wild West – the ECTA (The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada) Has Been Formed!

Canada’s Electronic Cigarette Industry – like so many others around the world – has operated under a “Wild West” principle for far too long.

The associations has been formed by a group of electronic cigarette vendors with the intent to monitor existing Canadian Laws that govern the trade of electronic cigarettes in Canada. The founding members consist of Canadian vendors: CEV, Flavour Crafters, VapeMate, Rainbow Vapor, NicFitNation, Electro Vapers, Evapers, Evape, Vapour Solutions, and one unnamed vendor. The 10 founding members have already completed their first meeting with Katherine Devlin from VK Consulting.

The ECTA has set 3 goals:

  1. Appropriate regulation of the industry
  2. A clear and consistent method for achieving compliance
  3. Peace of mind & freedom of choice for consumers. Everyone wins!

You can read more here about the goals an their first meeting.

I like the fact they believe “everyone wins” but it is a big promise! It is to early tell if they have what it takes to go head to head with Canadian Law makers and BIG TOBACCO, but with enough help from other vendors and the vaping community as a whole this could be a HUGE game changer.

It’s time that government starts taking this industry seriously and we, the community, need to start making more noise. I believe this a good step in the right direction, but alongside a trade association we need to start thinking about positive campaigns to inform the public about vaping and it’s benefits. We need to crawl out of the shadows of obscurity and stop allowing ourselves to be compared to the “Cigarette” industry!

We are not smokers, we are Vapers!

I think it would be interesting to see some vendors pool some cash to help build a real marketing campaign to bring vaping into a positive light. BIG TOBACCO is already spending millions to shut us down and it’s time we start speaking up!

What say you?

2 thoughts on “No More Wild West – the ECTA (The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada) Has Been Formed!

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