eGo T / eGo C Tank Maintenance – Weekend Tip

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of negative threads in various vaping forums about leaking tanks. I’ve never had any of my tanks leak on me, but I’ve had a lot of issues with end caps, most recently one got stuck in my atty. The fault is not on the numerous online suppliers, it’s the manufacturers to blame! There seams to be no quality control – every pack of tanks I buy is different.

First, you should be cleaning your tanks regularly, I posted about this in an earlier weekend tip. Secondly, the most common problem is the end caps. Most issues occur with the end caps, they take a lot of wear and tear and that can eventually lead to leaking and other problems.

The solution: stock up on silicon end caps! You can get them in packs of 10 for less 2$, you can’t go wrong.

I recommend (no they did not pay me to say this) they just have really good prices and customer service.

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  1. Great Tip and TY for the plug.


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