Vape Mini Review of the Week – Phiniac Tanks

Do you like tanks? Do you like to express yourself with your PV? Then you need to check out these awesome hand crafted Phiniac Tanks.

I randomly stumbled upon these bad boys via a forum thread and I have to say I am truly amazed by the quality and detail of these tanks, plus they are super durable. Phiniac is a family run and operated business in the US that makes beautiful hand blown, sand blasted, and textured glass tanks in two sizes, they also carry a bunch of accessories for their tanks.

I love the durability test videos they have on their site where they drop- these tanks from 3-5ft up on to various materials like concrete – and they don’t brake! these tanks definitely make a nice addition to anyone’s vaping arsenal.

Check out this random video review …

Vape Mini Review is a weekly segment on bigvapers. If you have any suggestions topic suggestions please contact me. The purpose of these reviews are to inform the vaping community of cool new products.

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