What You Need to Know When Traveling with Your E-Cig

Part of my job requires me to travel a lot across Canada and the US. Since I started vaping a few months ago I have not been on the road yet, but my next trip is coming up soon and I’m looking forward to being able to “vape on a plane”. However, before I join the “mile high vaping club” I want to make sure it is as easy as they, the e-cig companies, make out to be.

There’s a lot of talk in the forums about traveling with your e-cig, both good and bad reports, but very little about security check points and customs. In Canada e-cigs are legal, but e-juice with nicotine is not, at least for purchase. However many Canadian suppliers online take a chance and sell it anyways. I would highly recommend against trying to order e-juice with nic from other countries, there is ALWAYS a chance customs will confiscate it. However, it is not illegal to have e-juice with nic on your person.

Commonly asked questions – this goes for TSA and CATSA

Can I bring my e-juice with me?

You can travel with your e-juice as long as it meets the regulated amount of liquid, 100ml, in a branded bottle clearly labeled with its contents listed. Make sure it is in a clear plastic bag supplied by the airport at security check points. It should not be problem when going through security. At most, they will ask you what it is and maybe run a quick swab test to make sure it is not an illegal drug or chemical. If you need to take more juice with you I recommend putting it in your checked luggage. Just make sure you wrap it really well so it does not spill all over your clothes.

Can I bring my PV with me through security check points?

Yes you can. They are not a prohibited item. However, they look rather ominous and chances are you’ll be asked a few questions. They do show up on x-ray machines so make sure to take it all apart, separate the battery from the atomizer or cartomizer and put it in a tray with your keys, coins, ect. Security still may want to swab it, but they swab laptops as well.

Can I bring my mod through security check point – GG/Omega/Bolt/etc?

Yes you can. It’s pretty much the same as above. I would recommend taking out the battery. I would recommend against taking a mod, they do tend to look like a “bomb”, yep I said it, on x-ray machines. If your going for a few days take a smaller device like an eGo, it’s a safer bet when it comes to security asking a lot of questions.

Can I bring my PCC with me through a security check point?

Yes you can. It’s just a charger and they are not prohibited items. However, you may be asked to put in your carry on and stow it during the flight. Most airlines have a policy against chargers being used during flight for a lot devices.

Can I vape in the waiting areas at an airport?

Yes you can. However, you may want to be discreet to avoid any hassles from security or unwanted attention. Some tips I’ve read in the forums: vape in the bathroom, vape in a the corner away from people, blow the vapour into your shirt.

Can I vape on the plane during flight?

This is a tricky one. All airlines have different policies. You can carry an e-cig but some airlines have policies against using them in flight and ask that you stow it with your carry on. Airlines are private institutions, therefore they can create policies without laws. The airplane is private property owned by the airline so they can enforce whatever rules and regulations they see fit. I recommend checking with the airlines first. All airlines have information online as to what you can and can’t do including what items are allowed and what is prohibited. For example; see Air Canada’s page on what is permitted, you’ll notice e-cigs are allowed but can’t be used in flight. If an airline does not explicitly say, then ask an attendant or if you want to vape on the plane use common courtesy, make the passenger next to you aware of what you are doing. Explain to them what vaping is and how your PV works. They’ll let you know it offends them.

Ok, so that’s the low down on flying. If you are traveling via train or bus the same basic rules apply. Just make sure to always check with the organization you are traveling with to ensure you know your rights.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but vaping is still not an accepted norm. Many people still don’t understand it and we have to be careful if we are ever going to get the public’s acceptance. We need to inform and be courteous and address peoples concerns and questions the best we can. Unfortunately BIG TOBACCO has made it very difficult and spends a lot of money on scare tactics. Most people only know incorrect negatives and it is our job to change that perception.

Good luck, safe travels, and keep vaping!

3 thoughts on “What You Need to Know When Traveling with Your E-Cig

  1. As always thank you very much, as i will be Traveling soon enough into the USA, there is someone on ECF with a question of going from the States to Canada, and if you do not mind i will link back to this

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