Are E-Cigarettes Environmentally Friendly?

We all know that analogues (regular cigarettes) are horrible for the environment, in fact environmentalists have been trying for years to get urban centers to adopt a more environmentally friendly system for the clean up and disposal of cigarettes butts all over public streets and parks. It’s disgusting seeing cigarette butts all over he street, in parks, and playgrounds. It’s terrible having to pull dirty cigarette butts out of my sons hand when we’re playing in the park. Even when I was a smoker I never tossed my butts in parks or playgrounds. I also never flicked them out of my car window.

It’s also interesting to note that butts pushed by rain into storm drains can make it into the ocean, where they can release their toxic chemicals, or get eaten by fish or birds.

Littering is bad enough, but what about all the toxins that are being released into the air from second hand smoke, especially indoors with little or no ventilation. Most countries at this point have banned smoking in certain indoor spaces, but that does not stop people from smoking in their homes or apartments where they may share ventilation with other people.

E-cigarettes are a reusable electronic device that you don’t just through away into the street when your done vaping. There are some disposal parts, but they are all recyclable, just put them in your recycling bins when finished with them.E-cigs also don’t release harmful chemicals into the air, it’s just vapor!

I came across this really great article on National Geographic News WatchΒ  “Cigarettes vs. e-Cigarettes: Which Is Less Environmentally Harmful?” the author makes some really interesting points, some of which discussed here, it’s worth a read.

I feel good about vaping in public and it’s nice to know that by quitting smoking I am also helping the environment!

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