The Next Vaping Step

Like most rookies to vaping I was a smoker at the time and wanted to use an e-cig to quit. I wanted something that was “cigarette style” to help me make the transition, so I purchased a Joye 510 T. It has served me well and helped me reach my initial goal to quit smoking, however, I wish I had been recommended something a little more powerful.

The first post I published here on Big Vapers was “The Joye 510 T – The Perfect Starter Kit!“, and at the time, it was for me. However, both my vaping needs and understanding of what vaping is all about has changed. Ask me today and I would not recommend the same starter kit.

I owe most of my new found love and knowledge of vaping to I joined a lot of vaping forums, but none of them have been as welcoming or educational as NV. If you’re new and still learning I would highly recommend you check it out. Since my membership at NV, one of the most important things I’ve learned is that “Your first vaping experience is the most important”, and with the right e-cig that experience can be awesome.

When I posted my Joye 510 T review on the NV forum I received a rather harsh yet honest comment from the admin of the forum that made me rethink a few things about vaping. That day I decided to step it up a level, baby step, and get an eGo battery to try out – what a difference.

So what’s next? Recently I decided to purchase my first mod – a Silver Vein Omega (this was the video that sold me), and I am super stoked to try it out. I also ordered some cartomizers and drip tips, I’m looking forward to seeing what else vaping has to offer than just atomizers and tanks.

If you’re new to vaping or deciding whether or not to make the switch here’s a great video on “Taking the Next Vaping Step” by Grimm Greene, it’s long but worth it. I also highly recommend Doctor Vapor’s series of videos entitled “E-cig 101“.

3 thoughts on “The Next Vaping Step

  1. like you, i am thankful for the info passed by dr vapor and grimmgreen in youtube. that is after i did my own research bout the possible effects of the ingredients in e-liquid.

    i started with an eGo V, and planning to buy my first mod on my 1st month anniversary as a vaper.

    ~happy vaping!

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