Smoking in the Boys Room! Not Anymore!

Smoking in the boys room, not anymore!I remember the days of having to hide in closet or bathroom just to grab a smoke, freezing my butt outside in the winter, holding a soggy smoke in the rain, and of course all the evil looks when walking down the street – no more!

One of the many things I love about vaping is that I can do it anywhere, anytime. People still stare, but it’s in curiosity not disgust. In fact, I welcome the stares and comments, it gives me an opportunity to explain what vaping is all about, and usually it is well received.

A fun vaping experiment Β 

Just for fun, and to prove a point, I’ve started taking self portraits of me vaping in various public places. I’m going to be posting these on Instagram as a photo series. You can follow me on Instagram (digibomb) or follow the hashtag #PublicVaping.

Here are a few photos from the series, I’ll post more as weekly vaping pics here on the blog. Please feel free to join in on the action and Tweet or Instagram your photos with the above the hashtag.

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