15 Anti-Smoking Advertising Campaigns

Over the past few years anti-smoking campaigns have become very popular since so many countries are jumping on the “No Smoking” ban in public places. Unfortunately most campaigns don’t resonate well with smokers, specifically young smokers. As an ex-smoker I remember when I use to smoke and how most of these ads made me think about having another cigarette, yes, that’s horrible, but it’s the truth!

The beauty of good design and a well formed concept is that it can be can be very persuasive. As a parent, when I see ads focused on how smoking can harm your children I start to listen and really think about what I’m doing to myself and most importantly others around me, in the end it was my kids that motivated me to finally quit after 17yrs! I selected a few ads that hit a note with me and I hope, if you’re a smoker, these images motivate you to kick the habit.

On a side note, I think it would be interesting to see anti-smoking campaigns that focus on choosing alternatives, like e-cigarettes.

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