Canadian Suppliers – the big list!

As a Canadian it’s difficult to get good e-juice, in fact you can’t legally buy it in stores or malls. The only e-cig accessories sold legally are disposables and nicotine free cart systems. If your Canadian and you want to vape you need to purchase online.

As we all know that is pretty much the case any ways for vapers, there are tons of great suppliers of e-cig accessories, e-juice, parts, etc. However, we need to be especially careful when it comes to e-juice. A lot of us Canucks have learned the hard way that customs isn’t vaper friendly and will confiscate e-juice, more specifically e-juice with nicotine from most American and overseas suppliers. However, things are not as bad as they were back in 2009 when the ban first started, like most government agencies, they get lazy about checking 🙂

I have yet to have a negative experience with customs but I have read many horror stories online. Recently I’ve started putting together a list of well recommended Canadian e-cig suppliers, specifically for e-juice. The obvious benefit is that you do not need to worry about customs, other benefits include faster delivery and we should be supporting our Canadian businesses and Canadian vaping culture as a whole.

Currently I’m vaping e-juice from Like most Canadian suppliers they do not accept credit cards do to government policies, instead you send them an e-transfer, it’s easy and safe. they have a great selection of e-juice and they deliver Xpresspost 1-3 days. Currently on my rotation is Peach and Ruyan (Yes I know it’s Dekang), I highly recommend both.

Just yesterday I purchased some e-juice from Canada Vapes, these guys are a mom and pop shop doing everything themselves. They have a solid customer base and very good reviews. I’m excited to try their new flavor Canadian Rich Tobacco, it comes highly recommended.

If you are going top order e-juice from non Canadian suppliers make sure to contact them in advance to find out which e-juice they can ship to Canada. Customs has a list of brands they check for. For example doesn’t ship their Vapor Talk line of e-juice to Canada, unfortunately.

Here is a list of recommended Canadian suppliers. Feel free to add to the list in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Suppliers – the big list!

  1. All these places overcharge, thats the problem, I pick up ego brand name kits for 22 each and these people sell them starting at 50 plus. Big problem is everyone in canada is overcharging for stuff that isn’t that expensive. Fluid a 30ml bottle with no nicotine they sell at crazy price, i can make 0 nicotine 30ml bottle for less than 2-3 bucks and that includes flavour, some flavours cost more and some cost less, with nicotine depending on mg I can make for under 5 bucks. 2009 was a big problem because people tried to ship nicotine in to canada via not claiming it, its illegal to ship chemical without declairing what is coming into canada. When the 2009 Issue was going on I got my nicotine no problem without paying any duty on my items and never once did they take it away…. and i have been doing it for well over 5 years and supply 20 of my friends they love paying 7.50/30ml of 18mg nicotine flavoured bottle, best part is I get them to return the bottle that I pay 50 cents for and I take off 1 dollar per bottle returned so they pay 6.50 for refill, best part is I don’t use plastic bottles; I use glass bottles so that means no leaching of flavour.

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