The Joye 510 T – The Perfect Starter Kit!

Most veteran vapers and especially those who are ex-smokers tend to recommend a 510 starter kit. The 510 is a standard model type that is slim and similar to a cigarette in terms of look and feel which makes the transition feel more natural from analogue to e-cigs.

When I was searching for the perfect starter kit the the brand name that kept popping up was Joyetech. Joytech is a premiere manufacture of electronic cigarettes. They produce some of the best e-cigs in the market and are constantly pushing the boundaries with new product released every year.

I read some pretty exceptional reviews of the 510 and decided that this was the model for me. Granted you can’t always believe the hype, but I had very little to go on beingΒ  a noob and took a chance –Β  I could not be happier!

This is an exceptional device, from the first puff I was hooked. It’s dead simple to assemble, it’s easy to fill with the tank system, feels just like smoking a cigarette (which was very important to me), and produces exceptional vapor with good throat hit (of course this depends on the juice).

The Joye 510 T is a 3 piece system: battery, atomizer, and tank. It’s a second generation e-cig with much improvement over its predecessor most importantly it employs a tank system, which is why I choose it, no messy cartridges to fill, no messy filler or tissues, and no leaking all over your e-cig. You just fill the tank and pop it in the tip of the atomizer and puff away to your hearts content.

What comes with the starter kit:

  • 2 batteries manual
  • 2 510 Tank Atomizers
  • Tank cartridges
  • wall charger
  • cable
  • instruction book
  • box

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I can’t put it down. I’m vaping at my desk, on the metro, and in the grocery store … you get the point πŸ™‚ I also love the simplicity of it. There’s very little maintenance, basically just charging the battery which lasts about 2 days depending on how often you use it. It’s small and slim and fits easily in my pocket which is great being able to take it everywhere I go.

I’ve tried various different juices both vg and pg and I also get good throat hit and lots of vapor.

I definitely recommend the Joye 510 T to any one just starting out. I purchased mine from plus they have some really great juice and accessories at a good price.

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